Merhaba... This is my personal website.

The site includes information on & links to my videos, my blog, my writings on film & art, my lists of favorite films & filmmakers...

My short bio is: I was born in Istanbul in 1981, lived here until 2000, then moved to Chicago to go to college, moved to New York in 2004, lived & worked there for two years. Since 2006, I'm back to Turkey, and hopefully I'll happily live here everafter... If you've never seen Istanbul, you don't know what you're missing!

There is a longer bio I wrote for a_film_by (last updated June 2006) here.

I started this website as a homework on 2001. Four years later it became I've been posting regularly on the blog since August 2008.

The main site alone (I keep track of the blog separately) has been visited more than 36.683 times from 134 different countries between May 2006 - December 2009. The blog has already reached 114 countries. I have to admit I'm very happy with these numbers.

I think this is a good moment to make a few comments about the name "ways of seeing":

I was strongly influenced by John Berger's famous book Ways of Seeing when I was a kid. But when I was naming this website I didn't want to specifically refer to Berger's book. The phrase, at the time meant, and still means something closer to the way Fred Camper uses it in his writings. Here are some examples from his website.

While Berger's book is a very effective (and urgent) criticism of the "western culture", he writes at some point that "Certain exceptional artists in exceptional circumstances broke free of the norms of the tradition...". It is specifically this kind of artists I'm trying to write about in this website.

There may be some who believe I'm abusing the title of a famous book... I have doubts about this myself so please write to me if you believe so.

Cinema is a huge part of my life, and I also work in film as a producer, programmer & distributor... You can find more information about that here.

Hope you enjoy your visit!



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